Shomrei Hadath ( is a small well-established community in West Hampstead, renowned for its modern, committed orthodoxy and welcoming atmosphere. Its members are deeply proud of this ethos and share strong ties to Israel.

We are seeking a part-time Rabbi to lead and continue to grow this vibrant and diverse community – specifically building on its passion for Jewish life and learning and attracting new members in an area of NW London that has significant potential.

This part-time position would suit a rabbi who has other compatible employment. The successful candidate will have a recognised orthodox semicha with the ability to motivate and appeal to all levels when speaking from the pulpit, to give shiurim of a high standard, and to provide responses to halachic questions. The rabbi will also support the children and youth of the community, particularly the growing number of young professionals who have been attracted to the community.

Competitive Salary


Job Title: Rabbi, Shomrei Hadath
Reports To: The Board via the President of Shomrei Hadath
Job Purpose: To provide religious, pastoral and spiritual leadership to the community of Shomrei Hadath.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • To deliver sermons, shiurim, and divrei torah on Shabbat and Yom Tov that educate, inform, challenge and inspire members of the congregation.
  • To attend all minyanim and services and assist in ensuring a minyan is present.
  • To motivate, inspire and lead the entire community in its development and growth while maintaining its orthodox ethos and reputation for observance and learning. In particular to:
    • Engage with pre- and post- bar/bat mitzvah children and youth by ensuring that a varied programme of social and educational activities is on offer
    • Identify and cater for the specific needs of young professionals
  • To play a central role in providing pastoral care and leadership by:
    • Ensuring that the welfare needs of members of the community are met
    • Initiating programmes of social responsibility and charitable giving
  • It is desirable that the Rabbi be able to lead services and leyn.
  • To officiate at Bar and Bat Mitzvot, weddings, funerals, shivas, tombstone consecrations and other life-cycle events as required.
  • To organise and promote adult education activities including for example:
    • Gemarrah Shiur on Shabbat Afternoon
    • Weekly adult one-to-one Gemarrah learning programme
  • To promote the inclusive nature of the shul by maintaining its friendly, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Specifically:
    • Regularly meet with all members on a 1:1 basis
    • Offer all members hospitality on a rotational basis
    • Represent the synagogue and its membership in the local community as needed
  • To encourage and reinforce the community’s individual and collective identification with the State of Israel, through both words and deeds.
  • There may be specific duties that the Rabbi’s wife would be willing to undertake, and we are happy to discuss a specific role to accommodate this.


  • Dynamic and engaging personality.
  • Orthodox Yeshiva and appropriate S’micha. Secular University Education (Strongly desirable).
  • Ability to motivate and inspire both individuals and groups.
  • Good interpersonal and oratory skills.
  • Experience in the synagogue as a workplace (whether as a Rabbi or in another capacity) and good time management skills.
  • Ability to work in a team, and if necessary, act as the leader.
  • Hard working, diligent and fully committed to the community.
  • Comfortable with Jews from all walks of life, all ages, all levels of observance and commitment to Judaism.
  • Experience in counselling and pastoral work (Desirable).
  • An understanding of the diverse backgrounds and needs of London Jewish families and their children.
  • Experience in event organisation and promotion (Strongly desirable).
  • Driving licence.
  • Commitment to the State of Israel.
  • Self starter – able to develop own plans and initiatives
  • Comfort with the usage of technology (Experience a plus)